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TS Lola agreed to be my Birthday gift to a dear female friend who was visiting Ottawa from Halifax. We would introduce her to her first threesome with a Tg/Ts Service Provider/Part One.

Let’s call my beautiful dear female friend GeeGee.

GeeGee and I have been planning the possibility of this event for a long while. Our greatest obstacle was co-ordinating GeeGee’s visit to Ottawa with that of a respected Tg/Ts Service Provider. It just happened that GeeGee and Tg/Ts Lola were visiting Ottawa at the same time. And to boot, it was GeeGee’s Birthday! The stars aligned and we finally made our fantasy come true.

We arrived at Lola’s central downtown location on schedule but found it difficult to find parking. We circled around and with fear that we would be walking a mile, I dropped GeeGee off near the entrance. I finally found a spot in a public parking lot just across the street from the hotel. By now we were late by 5 minutes. I called up to Lola. She provided her suite number and she asked for 3 extra minutes. GeeGee is very sensual and we entertained ourselves in the lobby with loving touches while we waited.

We made our way to the suite and I rang the door bell. We waited for Lola to answer the door. As we were waiting it gave GeeGee an opportunity to exercise her sensuality by finding and playing with my nipples followed by more kisses.

I was afraid if the door were not to open soon that the neighbors would be treated to an X-rated hallway show……lol.

Without any response from the bell I knocked on the door. As the door opened, I was expecting to be greeted by Lola but she was hiding behind the door. I allowed GeeGee to enter first. I hear the exchange of voices from behind the door. As I stepped-in I realized why Lola was hiding.

Oh My God, there she was, a tall lady wearing a sleek red glistening show girl type bodice, matching necklace, a red g-string, black stockings, and red glistening high heel shoes. (Not your typical business suit……lol.) The red bodice was very sparse in material and revealed her very slender and toned female body. You could see the outline of her breasts and a delicious firm bum. Her legs were long, toned and slender.

We greeted each other with a tender kiss. Lola invited us into her suite. Her suite was spacious, clean and well lit with natural light. GeeGee and I were invited to sit on the couch with Lola to acquaint ourselves. Lola is very open and made us feel at ease. What I noticed was that Lola always carried a very nice wide sincere smile.

At one point Lola got up from the couch and walked in front of us. I had to make her stop to allow us to enjoy her outfit and body. She was very obliging. Yummy!

After the acquaintance, Lola invited us to her bedroom. There was a nice King size bed made for some threesome fun. She instructed us to remove our clothes. We all came together and met at the back edge of the bed. The caressing and kissing began.

I love GeeGee’s DD breasts and Lola was not to be excluded as she said she was jealous. Lola’s breasts are a nice rounded firm B-C as I began to explore them. Oh to be playing with two sets of breasts and to have multiple hands playing with me……Ohhh mannnn!

GeeGee and I directed our attention onto Lola and I could feel Lola’s body heat rising.

Lola kept her g-string on and it was fun to have her reveal her love tool to us. While it was still flaccid, Lola warned us to watch out. (You’ll understand the warning soon enough!)

GeeGee and I began to discover her love tool together. Me on Lola’s love tool then it was GeeGee’s turn as I enjoyed Lola’s sac. Lola was moaning in pleasure as she caressed us both.

As we continued to pleasure Lola’s love tool GeeGee and I were realizing and heeding Lola’s previous warning. Lola’s love tool grew to a full 9 inches hard……yikes and oh so yummy……lol. I took it straight up into my throat over and over again. Oh so yummy!

Lola was so sweet as she instructed us that it was time for the train. I can’t really recall how this whole oral segment played out as I played and enjoyed it in a frenzy of sensations……lol. Who was on who or who was where……now try saying that five times……lol.

Then, Lola asked me to lay on my back as she sat on my face in a reverse cowgirl while GeeGee treated me to her skillful BBBJ. I spoiled myself with a delightful DAO on Lola. Lola responded with more moaning. She has a beautiful bum!

If that was not enough then Lola traded places with GeeGee. Lola was now giving me a BBBJ while I grabbed GeeGee for a DFK……then I had to have GeeGee’s lovely breasts……then GeeGee instintivly jumped on my face in a reverse cowgirl as I slathered myself in her love juice. AAAHHHHH at this point I was transported once again, in GeeGee’s company, to the other side of eroticism..lol.

And then it was time to turn our attention to GeeGee. I wanted Lola to enter GeeGee with the hopes of joining in. Lola wanted me to make love to GeeGee first so I eagerly obliged. Lola said that I was smaller so I should go first……oh thanks Lola!

Unexpectedly Lola’s love tool came knocking at my back door while I’m in the thorough of passion with GeeGee. Oh no!,……one, I’ve never been in the middle of a love sandwich and two, I have never been entered in this position…… so I’m not sure what to expect.

With a few tries, Lola has finally penetrated my back door. Lola says f**k her as she sends her love tool deeper and deeper into me. Now this would mean having me keep up my raging tempo with GeeGee all the while matching Lola’s tempo with her 9″ love tool in me. (Whenever I make love to GeeGee my inner “eroticism ” is always unleashed in a whirl-wind of passion.)

O.K. this is even too much for this “Tgirltoy”. Lola did fall out a few times which allowed me to further elevate my passion for GeeGee as I was in an erotic high. Though It was evident that it would be impossible for me to keep up my tempo with GeeGee as Lola reloaded her tool in me. I now have a new appreciation why not every woman offers a trip to Greece……lol. (Perhaps it was just the position but oh man can you feel it.)

As I fell out of GeeGee reluctantly, Lola asked if I wanted her to f**k me…(I thought she just did…lol). Since her raincoat was already tainted by me, I obliged. She instructed me to the side of the bed with me lying on my back.

I raised my legs to reveal my bottom side to Lola. She slowly entered me and gradually went in and proceeded to go deeper and deeper. Lola kept asking if I wanted her to f**k me all the while trusting harder and harder and applying a HJ on my love tool. Yes f**k me I kept replying. GeeGee joined in telling Lola to f**k me hard. Then what a sight to watch them both begin to kiss passionately as Lola f**ked me.

I had to remind Lola that I did not want to cum. (I wanted to have a chance to be inside her too!) She told me not to worry…I can cum again. So with that, I went into my “erotic” state. God it was heavenly, I know now how a woman feels when you get into a groove…I wanted Lola deeper and deeper. (I found being on my back-side much more accepting than receiving from the rear.)

It felt like she could not get deep enough inside me as I wrapped my legs around her backside in attempts to pull her as close to me as possible. With GeeGee beside me I had to grab a passionate kiss and an embrace from her. (Now funny thing is I’m not sure if the previous sentence really happened or if I imagined it……I was in my “Tgirltoy” state, don’t you know……lol).

Now I’m falling from the other side of eroticism as I finally reach a physical and mind blowing explosion……as we find out later……squirting to my elbows……dang!

Lola cleans me up and places a warm towel around my love tool. She tells me to lay on the bed and to relax as the ladies depart for a break. I laid there on the bed still having after shocks……lol. After a short while I join the ladies in the living area. I stood and listened as the ladies chatted.

Time flew and before we could get back to the action it was time to leave.

Well this session really became Part One. I hope Part two will come in the not too distant future where I promised GeeGee that I will not answer the back door if someone comes knocking before you have had a chance to play……lol.

Thank-you Lola and I do hope GeeGee enjoyed Part One…Happy Birthday!

soft warm kisses.


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