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Posted by Lola Swift

She was wonderful. My comments in no particular order.

She has a beautiful body. Slim waist, nice holdable hips and firm high round and soft breasts.

But it’s her cock that eclipses even her stunning body. Hard and long. I had a tough time taking her inside me, but she was very good about it. I still can’t believe how hard she got.

I like TGirls who are feminine like Lola. She likes to please.

She has a strong accent, with very good English. I like that she was very pleasant when I asked to repeat a word I did not understand. She was very open, something I don’t see with many people. Some details – she is big and hard. Her cock is the nicest I have ever felt in my hand. I asked her to masturbate with me and we did until we both came. Even though she came first, she still maintained an interest in me. We talked about my fantasies as I masturbated. I asked her to role play with me and she did. She was superb. She was so good, that at one point I thought she was going to cry. She should be an actress. Enough for now. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

In summary:

Gorgeous cock, hard and big.
Very feminine.
Beautiful ass and breasts. Very feminine nipples. I liked that.
Very open, and open minded.
A lovely woman.


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