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Posted by Lola Swift

Lola answered the door. Was relieved to see her looks were pretty good. Wore nice lingerie. Smelled very pretty. Great tits. Medium height, but very small body, slight girl. Seemed happy to see me. I immediately felt a little better.

Sat down. Her cock was peeking out the side a little. That was neat. So, I was ready to go, but she insisted on talking first. So, you get GFE whether you want it or not. LOL! Turned out good, allowed us to get to know each other, establish a bit of a relationship first. Got to know a lot about her in a few minutes. She spoke quite openly. Anyway, I’ll skip the boring stuff.

Like someone mentioned before, she answers the phone, but she was quick about it, so wasn’t a problem. The second time she was on the phone she came over and shoved her cock in my face, so we were off to the races. Her cock got big fairly quick with some sucking. Long, slender cock. Very easy to suck that way. She took me to bedroom. She’s very affectionate and sexy. We strip. More sucking, some 69. She did sucking bareback, as per my earlier request. Kissing, sucking, licking, you name it, we were doing it. She talks dirty. At one point, wanted to be my “little schoolgirl”. Being my first time and nervous, I couldn’t keep up with everything, but maybe next time we’ll explore that! LOL. OK, anyway, I had the courage to take it in the ass. First time for that too. I rode her for a bit first, then got her to fuck me beside the side of the bed. That was awesome, even though it varied between feeling incredible and feeling like I was in over my head! I think she pounded me hard because I felt like I was pounded hard! After fucking me for a while I wanted to fuck her, but for some reason sort of lost my hard-on when it mattered. It may have been because my legs were still shaking for being assfucked so hard. LOL. OK, I said fuck it, let her slam my ass a little more, then she climbed onto my face and I licked her nuts and masterbated while she jerked off and she finished by cumming in my mouth and face. I came about 5 seconds later. She wiped the cum out of my eye and I went to shower.

After we had cleaned up, we talked a bit more, looked through her pictures and stuff. I was expecting to get rushed out. Guess not. Iwas there a little over an hour I think. Anyway, finally gave her the “donation”, see her website for details Anyway, to sum up, I had a great time, she was about as good as I thought was possible. Fantastic for the first timer, has a great attitude, really seemed to be into what she was doing. Next time, hopefully we’ll have even more fun now that my “cherry” to all this has been broken. Her price isn’t cheap, but after a night with Lola, you’ll wish she was your girlfriend, which made the experience worth it. OK, hope you enjoyed the review.


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