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Posted by Lola Swift

I think the new pics of Lola are hot, so i went to see her on tuesday and she is even hotter in person.

So here is my review……

She met me at the door wearing sheer pink lingerie and nylons and my jaw dropped.

She asked if I wanted to go straight to the bedroom or chat for awhile in the living room. I chose the living room. I was a little nervous and she made me feel comfortable immediately.

The only negative thing I have to sat about Lola is that she did answer the phone several times while we were chatting however, she did manage to turn a negative into a positive because the last time she answered the phone she walked across the room and stood in front of me. Those sheer panties were about six inches from my face and I could not resist. I immediately began to kiss and lick her crotch and ass.

Several minutes later we were in the bedroom and I was in heaven. She went down on me, I went down on her, we went 69, I licked that beautiful ass and I eventually topped her in the missionary position. I came and she came.

I showered, she showered, we chatted and I left a very happy man. I have included a summary evaluation but I must add that Lola has the best tranny body that I have ever seen in person and it would rank very high on websites. She has a small frame, narrow waist, small tight ass – you could crack an egg on that ass and she does have a nine inch cock. The sight of that cock at full atttention in that sheer nefligee will take your breath away. In conclusion I am reminded of Lola’s quote during one of the emails she used to arrange our meeting. “I’m just a little girl with a big cock!

– JAKE69

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