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I’ve met Lola a few times now and she is amazing. I texted her on Saturday (2 weeks ago) to set up a meeting on Sunday. I arrived on time and Lola invited me up to her place. She opened the door, and I could not believe she was even more beautiful than I remember. Her photos are amazing but you have to see this girl. She was in a mini dress and even with her cock soft the head was poking out. Lola made me really feel at home as we sat on her couch and talked for a bit. We moved over to the bedroom and we were caressing each other and Lola says, open your mouth. I thought she wanted to look at my teeth, LOL. So I open my mouth and she jumps up and shoves her cock in it. THat was hot. So I suck her until I am choking, she really gets big. Then she asks if I want to be fucked or do the fucking. I told her both and decide to fuck first. Last time after Lola fucked me, my hard on was killed. Could have been some kind of tantric orgasm. LOL. So i get a condom on, she goes on her knees, I get my cock in there and start hamering. Her ass is spectacular. I really don’t want to cum that way and I have to stop. Then she goes on her knees and sucks me while I am at the end of the bed. I know she is jerking herself off but I can’t see her cock. She grabs a condom and stands up and OH MY GOD. Her cock was HUGE. I was thinking, have I ever really taken that cock in my ass before? So she gets a condom on, and slowly enters me. Damn it hurt so much. She really had to slow down a few times. Once it was in, and I relaxed, it felt amazing. She was pounding me, loves to spread my legs and it seems my finely toned bodybuilder ass was too much for her and she shoots her load. It was wild to see her “cumming face”. So next Lola lies down and I start sucking her drained cock, while she sucks me. I then start jerking off and telling her I want to cum all over her. I want to cum on her tits, on her abs, on her cock, on her face. Well when I let it go WOW!!!. My drean came true. A couple shots on the tits, down the stomach and finished on her cock. I’m never sure about the face so I don’t go there unless I am sure. (Should have asked) We cleaned up, showered, sat for a bit to talk and I left feeling, unrushed and completely satisfied.

Anyone looking for the perfect experience you won’t be disappointed. Lola is one of only 2 girls that I will see.

Thanks Lola,


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  1. She – I looooooooooooove the ptohoshoot! Gosh! I love love! Ugh!Oh! Yeah,there’s this song, The One He Kept For Me by Maurette Brown Clark. It’s funny but I’ve never heard it, only heard of it and read the lyrics, which are gorgeous! You should check it out! All the best with your search!

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