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Posted by Lola Swift

This review was long over due as I say Lola over a month ago.

I has never met Lola before so I had called her the day before to give her an idea of when I would like to meet and how I would like her to dress. I barely slept the night before in anticipation and it was worth it. Lola was a vision in her short black dress and thigh high boots, and I had barely greeted her before she started kissing me and commenting on how young I looked, which was a nice ego boost.

We started off by taking a seat and talking a bit and damn it was hard to concentrate with her python sneaking out from beneath her dress, I told her I was a bottom and she instantly got up pushed me so I was lying down and stuffed her cock in my mouth. She was large enough that I had to stop every few minutes and catch my breath. Even after she was fully hard she made me continue to blow her. She then stripped off her dress and told me to strip and then get on my knees and blow her some more while she held my head and controlled the pace.

She then pulled my head off her dick and told me to get on the bed and prepare to get fucked doggy style. She slapped a condom on lubed up, and slid about half her cock into my ass, which felt great. She slowly fed me the rest of her cock until her thighs were against my ass. Thats when she started to fuck me. I actually had to stop her after a few minutes because I was going to cum too early, so she stopped and told me to assume the missionary position with my ass at the edge of the bed. After I cooled down a bit she then grabbed my legs and held them up in the air and started to fuck me again, as she started to get close to getting off I asked her to cum in my mouth or on my face, it was a sizeable load for such a small woman.

She then tells me she wants to fuck my ass some more, which surprised me as other well hung providers I’ve met have told me about how they were too sensitive for more action. So she started fucking me in the ass again, while I stroked my cock I couldnt last too long and shot a huge load on my stomach and chest and then I actually asked her to stop as I was spent and couldnt handle her big cock anymore.

I took a quick shower and headed back to the room where Lola was on the bed stroking her wonderful cock. Seeing her on the bed so innocently playing with her cock made me wish that I had let her fuck me some more. We chatted for a bit and before I left Lola gave me a kiss and a hug.

All I can say is Lola has a wonderful personality and a great sense of confidence in what she is doing. She goes out of her to make you feel special for the period of time you are with her so much so that it makes you feel like you are much more than just a client.

Thanks for the wonderful time sexy Lola!


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