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Posted by Lola Swift

Well, after a frustrating 3 hour drive to Toronto today (I really don’t know how those of you living in TO can put up with the traffic), I had my first experience with Lola. I was half an hour late and she was very gracious when I got there. I did call BTW to let her know.

Lola greeted me at the door in a sexy outfit and we sat on her couch and talked for a while. Lola likes to talk. We touched a little and kissed a little while talking. We then retired to the bedroom where we kissed some more and then got into the good stuff. Her famous cock is the biggest I have had and I was worried that she was going to rip me a new asshole. She asked if I wanted her to open me up and I said yes. She put on a latex glove and fingered my butt hole for a while and then when she proceeded to insert her weapon, there was only a little initial discomfort and after that it was wonderful. I was surprised at how great it felt. After fucking me for a few minutes she withdrew and said she had cum. After a few minutes she was hard again and fucked me a second time. I should mention that while fucking me she was stroking my little cock which remained at attention. It felt so good.

After some more kissing it was my turn to fuck and she seemed to enjoy it. I always think, how can they even feel my little cock after some of the big ones, but her butt hole seemed tight so maybe she did enjoy my few minutes of pounding, for lack of a better word.

We layed on the bed for a few minutes kissing and talking and then Lola said that she really wanted me to cum. Well from past experience, this does not happen all the time. The best way for me to cum is standing, with my cock pressed against my belly (there is plenty to press against). Well Lola stood right next to me fingering my butt again and kissing me and it didn’t take very long for me to cum all over her boobs. It was an awesome feeling and worth all the traffic problems I had to endure getting there.

Thanks, Lola!


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