(416) 451-6442
Long time lurker on here who finally took the plunge once I saw Lola was in town and she certainly made it worth the wait. Met her in a very nice discreet apartment complex downtown and she instatly made me feel very relaxed.
We chatted for awhile and she offered me drinks before moving to the bedroom. We kissed (Lola has amazing lips) and then she asked me to suck her until she came on my chest. I couldn’t believe it when she immediatly asked if she could fuck me, amazing stamina.
 I won’t lie- it was sore at first but Lola took her time and soon it felt great and we both came twice over the hour session. I never felt rushed- afterwards I showered and we chatted about a book she was reading and I got a sense of how intelligent and charming Lola really is.
Thanks Lola, Irish Sean


Session details:
Having been a member of this site for many years I always keep an eye out for those exceptional providers who are consistently well reviewed, so when I saw that Lola was finally coming out to Vancouver I just knew I had to see her. She was very easy going and alluring on the phone and I set up a two hour appointment to get the best of my time with her.When Lola greeted me at the door I couldn’t have been happier. She appears every bit as good as she does in her photos. We got into an easy rapport quickly and I came to understand her wicked little sense of humour. Kissing was a non-stop treat – a session is usually a deal-breaker without it – so I really loved her soft, pillowy lips and hot tongue. Lola has a long, lean, athletic body, well proportioned breasts, and, of course, a cock to die for. She is the kind of ultra-feminine girl I always look for. I enjoyed fucking her beautiful ass doggy style, but really got into oral fun with her and exploring her body.Lola has a dirty and aggressive streak that was a real turn on. When she first fucked me, she had me stand and bend over and mercilessly thrust her big hard cock into my ass. I hadn’t been fucked in some months. I had spent the previous 24 hours fasting, douching my ass, and toying my hole to be as ready as possible, but I howled with that first thrust. It took me a couple of minutes to regain myself, but Lola got me to lie down and fucked me wonderfully well, balls deep.
That was a treat. She spat in my mouth which few providers will do but always, always pushes me over the edge. She also has a filthy mouth and as she fucked my ass would call me her bitch and slap my face. Not for everyone or every time, but really, really worked for me on this occasion.I had difficulty cumming which had nothing to do with Lola. I’ve mostly been in heterosexual long term relationships where bareback sex was always the case and I’ve never gotten used to condoms. I know they are a necessary evil, but I always find the loss of intimacy wreaks havoc with me psychologically.
 I went out with a transsexual woman in Las Vegas for a while and some of the best sex of my life took place when I could look at her gorgeous body and mount her bareback in missionary, kissing, fondling, talking, and holding each other. I would cum bucket loads. Of course that is the difference between reality and fantasy, love versus paid sex. The other thing was that despite all my prep work, my hole wasn’t 100%. When Lola pulled out, there was little juice on the condom. It didn’t phase her but I was disappointed in myself. I think my inability to shoot was the combination of these headgames, despite Lola’s wonderful, wet BBBJs. It may have been the pressure I put on myself to make this a perfect session.lola 2 There were a couple of things that I haven’t been able to get out of mind since our time together. Firstly, her asshole is perfect and I took every opportunity to rim her. I just loved digging my tongue inside her as she was over top of me in 69, sucking on my cock, and I ate that sweet pussy-ass every moment I could. The other incredible factor was Lola’s cumming ability. She shoots large loads out of that massive beauty of a cock, and she blew four (4)! loads for me. I was in such a cum hungry mood that I was lip-locked on her cock every time she blasted. I was glued to her and swallowed every last ounce of her milk; I was like a newborn on a mother’s tit and not a drop was wasted. It has been years since I had that ability and that is a real gift. That made my time with her hit an ATF.

I wish I had the means to have spent an entire night with her, but I went away completely satisfied nonetheless. She is well worth seeing. Now I just have to get over her.

                                                                                  Posted By , Chrism


I texted and she replied and she was very polite. We set up a time and then the excitement began.I have checked out the forum quite a bit and like to read up before seeing a girl. Many of her reviews are of her topping and my experience was different so I thought I would share.

I arrived at her hotel very excited with a tent in my pants. She opened the door and let me in and what appeared was exactly like her pictures. She has a really hot face, slim body and small frame which is my personal type. We hugged, got business out of the way and started to chat. She is very easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable.

Into the bedroom we went. We started to make out when she came in which she is very good at. Her hands wander all over as she passionately kisses. My hands did some wandering too. She told me to undress in front of her and I did. She grabbed me as I undressed and pulled me close to start licking my nipples (which I love) and I got the last of my clothes off.

She stood up to show me how much bigger her cock was than mine. Her panties and bra and panties off she sat at the edge of the bed and pointed to her cock. I looked a little confused at her and she told me to get on my knees. I did as I was told and she told me to start sucking her cock. I took her in my mouth and eagerly went to work. She mixed in lots of great dirty talk about how bad of cocksucker I was and how deep she was going to feed me. Her hand on the back of my head really helps that along.

I come up and she asks if I’m ready to fuck. I reply that I want to fuck her ass. I see the excitement at my comment come across her face. I lay back on the bed and she sucks my hard cock with incredible skill. I tell her to get on top. She grabs a condom and puts it on me then some lube for my wrapped package and her hole. She gets on top and slowly I slide into her, as her face shows nothing but pleasure. She slowly starts riding my cock and then I help her along and starting thrusting my hips into her. She grabs her cock and starts jerking off. We fuck for a while as I am grabbing her beautiful tits and nipples. Her moans turn into words as she tells me she is ready to cum. Multiple strokes later she has shot come from my bellybutton up to my chin, an impressive load for sure.

We both admire the sexy hot mess she has left on me. She slides down and tells me to stroke my cock while she sucks my balls. It wasn’t long before I was shooting a load myself. I disappointed her again just like the size of my cock, her load was indeed bigger.

She invited me to shower and clean up and was very professional. We chatted for a bit which was very pleasant. I noticed my time was coming to an end and gave her a big hug and kiss and was on my way.

As some already know, she is a great bottom. Highly recommended.


I was headed to the BIG City a few weeks back and decided to treat myself with a BIG CANDY STICK  I have lusted over the images of Lola for a very long time and wanted to cross another item off on my sexual bucket list.Arranging a date with this lovely lady was easy enough. We started communication by email and as I hit Toronto we chatted back and forth via txt. Plans were finalized and I met this lovely lady at her in-call just north of downtown.Making my way to Lola’s apartment I was a little nervous but my cock was hard with anticipation. Upon knocking on the door I stepped into the apartment and was met by a tall sexy blond that looked even so much better in person. I was a little disappointed at first as I had asked Lola prior to wear her sexy little school girl outfit. She was dressed completely different but still hot as hell.A few pleasantries later and we were in her play room stripping down. Once I was naked and stretched out n the bed Lola began a very sloooow and sensual strip tease….and what a tease it was.Leaving her little panties on she climbed on the bed beside me and started to fondle my cock. She began to tell me of her eventful trip home from school that afternoon with one of her class mates WOW. It wasn’t long and I had her little panties aside and I was enjoying her full sized CANDY STICK. What a magnificent piece to hold and suck. I tried as I might to take her all in but it just wasn’t going to happen. Lola asked if I wanted to fuck the naughty little school girl and I wasn’t about to say no. I suited up and climbed on top of her sloowly sliding into her tight little hole. OMGLola was incredible and played along with the naughty talk and fantasy. Other than missing the outfit it was a wonderful and exhilarating time. Lola came twice, once on my face and the second time all over my cock and balls. It was an experience.Lola was found to be passionate and really into the experience and session. Between rounds she was great and easy to talk to. All in all it was a fantastic time that I would repeat. One nice thing was I didn’t see her phone for the entire time I was there. Nothing interrupted our time together which was so nice. I truly enjoyed my experience with Lola. A super sexy girl that loves to please.Repeat……you bet. She;s cumming to Alberta
                                                                                                                                   Posted by Gentlemen J



Okay so this happened about 6 months ago and I figured I’d share the very interesting experience.

At 39 years old I had been lusting a gorgeous strong willed and healthy bodied woman with a big cock for years and finally decided to try it out. Without any planning it occurred to me I was spotless clean, and on a very empty stomach, and craving my dark urges more than ever so I pulled my car over, found her on my cell phone, and called.
 I explained my situation, what I wanted which was basically just to give oral, and she invited me over .Greeting at the door boy was I nervous, but she gives off a good vibe, calming. We went to her room, its quite dark and romantic. She turned her back to me and lifted her arms up showing off her back, neck, shoulders – wow is all I can say. I kissed her neck and felt her mid section in my hands.
She turned to me face to face and that’s when something clicked in my head and I got cold feet. I said to her….. I’m sorry,but I don’ think I wanna do this, now that I’m here in person something is off.
I said let me keep my part of our deal and I will be on my way. (Now you would think a person in her shoes would be thrilled, but noooo. LOL Like a concerned mother…. what ? whyyyy ? what did I do wrong ? nothing nothing, you’re perfect ! I said I’m sorry for wasting your time. She said okay its okay, lets just lie down and talk. I honestly don’t remember exactly what was said, but she asked me things like small talk and got me talking, very intuitive young lady.
 A few minutes passed as she was just listening to me babble, she took a quiet pause.. and said… I wanna fuck you so bad… as she slowly moved her sheets to reveal a RAGING cock. I was in a trance and looked back into her eyes, it was clear she was the alpha and I was going to do as she commanded. I brought my head down and inhaled it one long smooth stroke to the base and stayed there.
she sighed out oh my gooodddddd you’ve done this before. I swore to her I had not and continued to give her oral as best as I could. She didn’t cum in my mouth ( as I said I was in a trance) my memory of the details is kinda blury. Next thing I know I’m on my back ankles up and she is fucking my brains out in missionary.As she worked it in my god I was experiencing such incredible pain and pleasure at the same time.
 But after a while I noticed her crotch was ramming into me full force and my legs were wrapped round her midsection tiiiight. She came HARD. I didn’t, was still to nervous. I have no clue if we were 15 minutes or 15 hours, lol. I had a shower thanked her and left.She was a very special encounter I will never forget and treated me so well. Thank you Lola  and she did say at the end I was top 3 oral of all time for her 
                                                                                              Posted by theonejs


 That was last spring, and though I’ve been interested in having another experience, I’d pretty much decided that it had to be something similarly unique and special.faceSo I noticed earlier this week that Lola was in Burlington. Obviously very well reviewed in here, it struck me that she might be the kind of “unique and special” I was looking for. In this case, a shapely, sexy girl with a cock bigger than mine who’d fuck me silly. I called her around 11:00 hoping she’d be available at noon either today or tomorrow, and though I got her voicemail, she immediately texted me and we made arrangements to meet today.I was very impressed meeting her in person. She looks just like her pictures, but more importantly she was very warm, easy to speak to and down to earth. She was very friendly and complimentary for our entire encounter; just an absolute sweetheart.I told her it was just my second time, and she promised to be gentle. We kissed, caressed. She got hard pretty quickly. Well, we both did. I sucked her cock, first from behind, then in her lap, with her sitting on the bed. Yes, her cock really is 9″ long…more than I could swallow. Then it was time. She had me stand up and got behind me, with me facing the bed, and she lubed my asshole. Then slowly, very carefully, she eased the head of her cock into my ass. She was very careful, inching it in very softly past my sphincter. It felt wonderful as she gently eased it into me. I started pushing my ass back onto her cock, feeling her fill me up.That was apparently her “go” signal, because as soon as I did that, she started to really fuck me.And she’s LONG.She grabbed my shoulders and buried her cock deep into me. I couldn’t help but bend over the bed. And she kept going, pounding deep into my ass. I laid face down on the bed, and she followed, pinning me to the mattress and driller me even harder that I’d imagined. She was going so deep, even too deep…
   I was scooching across the bed a bit with each thrust, but she kept at me, pulling my hair, shoulders and even beard to control me. I was completely at her mercy, but she showed me none. I’ve never felt a combination of pleasure and pain like that, while she did exactly what she wanted to do with me.
  The best part was that I could feel her cock hit my prostate with each thrust, forcing cum to leak out of my own cock onto the bedspread. I actually made quite a wet spot (apologies to the guys who came later in the day who got fucked by her on that same bedspread).
  She screwed me right across the bed, until she pulled out, flipped me over, whipped off the condom and stuck her cock in my face. I stroked and sucked it for a few seconds, the she stroked it a bit and came on my face and in my mouth. Damn. she even tasted good. But that wasn’t all.She brought me to the edge of the bed, on my back. While still hard (how did she DO that?!) and from a standing position on the floor, put another condom on and entered me again. This time it was all about getting me off. She didn’t thrust it in all the way to the limit, maybe 7-8″ worth, still deep, but all pleasure, and again she was putting pressure on my prostate with each stroke. She spit on my cock and started to stroke it with her hand.
    God, The whole thing seems like some crazy haze, but I don’t think I lasted 30 seconds. She really knows how to get a guy off, which makes sense I guess since she has guy’s equipment, and knows what works.
 But even though this part of our session was all about making me cum, she was still totally in control. She did ask where I wanted to cum, and i told her I wanted to come with her deep inside me. And cum I did, and she kept stroking and fucking me, extending my orgasm, driving me crazy…I literally had a toe curling orgasm!So uh, yeah, just another day at the office for Lola, based on other reviews I’ve read here.So thank you to everyone who’s contributed, because now I’ve had the chance to live out 2 amazing TS fantasies.And of course, thank you Lola.
                                                                               by Dnabafah123; 02-14-2014


Lola Swift TorontoDiscussed an appointment with Lola but had said I was going out and might not be able to make it, she said call me closer to the time when you’ll know. I called her late and she picked up and even though I was out all night said come on over. Stopped back to the hotel, cleaned up and made my way over to see her. Called her from the cab to say I was almost there. She buzzed me in and I went up, trembling in anticipation. She opened the door and I was floored by the beautiful vision standing in front of me. She invited me in to a roomy and clean apartment. We sat down and chatted for a while and I learned about her and started to relax. I was overwhelmed by how beautiful she was. We took care of the donation and moved to the bedroom. Highly Recommended!

As we moved into the room, her dressed in a skimpy nighty. She kissed me as she undressed me and her lips and tongue were so soft and sensual I was getting incredibly hard. I was in my underwear and started to take her lingerie off. I moved my way down to her perfect breasts and spent a good deal of time there playing with them and sucking them. I wanted to get to her cock which I could feel hard against my leg. I dropped to my knees and took off her panties exposing her big hard cock. I took it in my hand and started stroking it. It was hot and throbbing in my hand. I started licking the head, taking it in my mouth just wanting to take more and more. Her cock is big, as advertised, but i was doing everything i could to take her all in my mouth.She helped me along pushing my head down on her. Not hard, but very much a turn on. She Then bent over on the bed and i started rimming her. Her ass is perfect and I could’ve done that for hrs. She told me she wanted me to fuck her so I covered up and entered her doggie style. Her ass is tight and it was perfect grabbing those gorgeous hips and fucking her good and long. I ached for her to fuck me though, so she had me lie on the bed with my ass at the edge. She covered up and opened my legs and slowly slid her big, hard cock slowly inside me. It was a slow start, but once after a few mins she was going deeper and deeper. It was big but it felt soooo good. She was finally pounding me pretty good and stroking my hard cock while she fucked me deep. I came soo hard and it felt so good with her deep inside me. After more fucking she pulled out and came all over my cock. She then went and got a warm towel and cleaned me up. We chatted a bit more and I left and the only thing I could think of was I need to go back, like right now!!!! I could’ve stayed all night. I wish I had have booked 2 hrs. I really couldn’t imagine a session going any better. And it may be a small thing but her phone never rang and she never picked up her phone at all. I love that. She made me feel like she was turned on by me, which is what you want a service provider to do. I couldn’t recommend to see her any more highly. Easily 11/10.

Well someone sure missed out. As I mentioned I was trying to get a foursome going but nobody stepped up to the plate. So I had to experience the pleasure of Lisa and Lola on my own.

We set it all up for Saturday at noon at Lola’s place. In the process of setting it up Lisa and I went on cam and she showed me the outfit she would bring. That was hot seeing what was about to come the next day.

So on Saturday I arrive at Lola’s and she is looking as delicious as ever. Lisa was running a bit late coming from Brantford. Understandable with the Gardiner shut down every major lane was taken. As much as I wanted to start with Lola I was afraid I may finish too fast. So we decided to chat and wait.

Lola Swift TorontoI’ve never actually met Lisa before. When she came in she looked fantastic and she went right in Lola’s room to change. When she came out, she was in a white outfit with white boots up to her knees. She looked incredibly sexy. She jumped on my lap on the couch and exposed her amazing breast for me to suck on. Her cock was slipping out of her thong and I was jerking her off and sucking her tit as Lola watched. We quickly moved into the bedroom and I have to admit the next 45 minutes were a blurr. We established that Lisa would be a bottom, Lola a top and that I was both. I’m such a slut. LOL.

So it starts off with Lisa sucking me and me sucking Lola, then Lola sucking me and me sucking Lisa, then both sucking me. Lisa wanted to see if I could deep throat Lola’s massive cock and I did a pretty good job of choking and getting it down. Have you seen that weapon of mass destruction? (Someone should tell Bush where it is)

Next Lisa wants to get fucked so I am fucking Lisa doggie style while I watch Lola jerking off. Talk about heaven. As I am fucking Lisa, Lola tries to enter me from behind but my ass is just not ready for that train and I chicken out.

I started ramming Lisa and I think Lola’s bed was getting close to breaking. Lola then searches for the right size condom for herself, (must be hard to find) and I lay on my back. Lola stands by the bed and enters me. Always a challenge for me to take that cock, but my ass warmed up to it faster than usual. As I loosen up, Lisa 69’s me and starts sucking my hard cock as Lola pounds me. This was the most incredible feeling ever. I’m sucking her, she is sucking me and Lola is fucking me. UNBELIEVABLE. Then Lola keeps fucking me, jerking me off and Lisa sucking my nipples. I was so close to cumming but I wanted to fuck Lisa more. After all, she drove quite a distance. (Like I did her a favor). Before I get to fuck Lisa again, I lay on my back, Lisa sucks me and jerks me while Lola mouth fucks me. I’m talking dirty trying to get her to explode and she finally lets a load go right in my mouth. I said face not mouth. LOL. I accepted it no problem.

So Lisa needed some banging and once again I am fucking her from behind, she then goes on her back and I ram her that way. I give Lola’s bed another test, and then Lisa stands and I fuck her that way .We decide it is my turn to unload. The two lie on their backs and I jerk off over them. I’m telling you it was heaven to see these two Goddesses laying there watching me.

I’m sure I missed some details, but that’s how I remember it.

Just want to thank you both, Lisa and Lola, my Saturday was incredible and I jerked off two more times that day just thinking about it.

Last week I have had the chance to see LOLA. This amazing girl has truly exceeded all expectations I may have had before getting to her door. She has really everything for her and she is the whole package I was looking for. She reunites femininity, beauty, smartness, sophistication, physical assets, sensuality and of course…sexuality!! My encounter with her has been nothing but extraordinary. From the moment she opened the door, the connection between the two of us has just blew my minds away! Sparks were flying everywhere from our eyes. And so did the clothes not very long after… As soon as I got to her place she took me straight to her bedroom. We lay down on the bed for few minutes to get to know each other. And then the action began… We both got naked and I ended up being on all fours with her amazing cock in my mouth. And it did grow up to full erection very fast. Like many did before me, I can assure you that the 9” her ad proclaims is for real! She is big and thick. And rock damn HARRRRD! This was the first time I had the chance of meeting up with a 9-10” girl. That size is a real “turn on” for me and get me aroused pretty easily. I don’t know if she noticed it, but when we got inside her bedroom, I kept staring at in-between her legs. I was obviously aware that she was well-known for the size of her asset, but I was just curious and eager to see it before she gets naked and I start playing with it Also, like I said, I only had hooked up with girls with smaller cock so far. So I was a bit worry as to how I was going to react when trying to take her “all” inside me. Anyway, let’s go back to the action. She’s standing up at the edge of the bed and I’m on all fours on the bed. I was sucking her, but not for long though. I wanted her inside. So, I turned around and being still on all fours she lubed my ass up. She must have put a lot of lube because a lot came out later in the day.. I first thought that I was too much in the mood and that she barebacked me and came inside me without I even noticed it… lol. But, it wasn’t the case. She is a very safe girl. And she has the papers of all her test records to prove it. So, with all that lube, I ended up taking her all without too much problem and pain. I only felt some little pain when she was nailing me too hard….lol In bed, LOLA is a Lola Swift Torontoreal pure blood racer. Really, I was so into our encounter that the single hour I was with her went by at the light speed. I can’t even remember if she came twice or 3 times. But, I do remember and confirm that she did cum twice within 10 minutes or so (I can’t even do it myself anymore…). She has a lot of stamina. She kept fucking me for 45 minutes non-stop and this is not a joke. She was taking me and flipping me around from doggy to missionary positions constantly. I also went on top of her sitting on and riding her big hard cock like crazy. And she kept being hard during all that time. The first time she came, she was doing me missionary and she pulled out. She finished herself off on my face and on my chest. And then slapping her big cock on my lips.. . I also have to mention that LOLA likes to talk dirty during sex… which is nice too! After cuming, she continued jerking off and I went back at sucking her and in less than 1 min, here is LOLA ready to go again!! Doggy, missionary and while on top riding her cock, she came again.. And this is when I can’t recall if she came 2 or 3 times. I don’t know if she ended up having her cum in her hand from taking the condom off her cock or actually did cum jerking off 1 more time. Anyhow, with her hand full of cum, she did actually put her semen on my bare cock and started rubbing and jerking it. This was something!! Then, again, she got back at it very quickly for the 3rd time. I ended up blowing my load while riding her cock on top of her. I don’t know if this was the prostate massage thing we hear about on the forum, but I did blow a good load on her tummy and breast. Felt so good! Personally, this is one of the best, if not the best, sexual experience I have ever had in my life so far. Thanks LOLA for that! I wasn’t expecting to live that kind of experience with her. I knew it was going to be good, but not that good!! Next time I will see her, it will be for way much longer than 1 hour… This girl is a GODDESS and she just put the bar very high. The chemistry betwwen us was truly amazing. This girl is un*freaking*believable.

by tsbanger 27th Feb. 2013

Lola Swift TorontoLola was my first experience with a Shemale. It took me a while to final meet her. She is definitely one of the Sexiest ladies in Toronto. It was very easy to contact Lola and she was accommodating to be able to see me on a Saturday morning as i have to come from a distance in the city. Lola’s incall in in a nice area will lots of parking. I was buzzed up to her place and she was dress in a very sexy black lingerie outfit, it was like meeting a friend as we have communicated though emails and phone. She asked if i wanted a shower but i just had one before come to see her so she took me two her bedroom which has a nice big bed and mirror and had some porn playing. We started off by kissing and touching each other all over. I really wanted to see how much of that Big cock i could get into my mouth, i think i did a pretty good job. What do you think Lola? She proceeded to fuck my mouth with her cock till she came in my mouth which caught i bit by surprise as it was my first CIM experience i took as much as i could before have to split it out. Lola cleaned me up and we started kissing again and she was playing with my cock and asked if i want to fuck her, she didn’t have to ask twice. On came the dome and we proceed ti trying a few positions till we stayed with CG i just love the way she looked riding my cock, it was very intense. I finally just came in Ass it was amazing. I had a great time and she wanted to fuck me but i was just to nervous, probably because she is so Big. Maybe one day i’ll try it. Thank you Lola for by so nice to me. You guys won’t go wrong giving her a call.

BY kissingbandit 2013 January

just wanted to tell you all about my recent Christmas present…….TO ME!!!!!!!!!!

Last Saturday I had the enjoyment of meeting up with Lola again. I’ve mentioned before that seeing Lola is more like meeting a friend. If I was not on a leash, I could easily spend all day with her chatting, having fun, oh, and sucking that amazing cock.

I was a bit early and Lola needed to get coffee so I met her in the lobby and we went together to get it. It was so interesting to see her in her jeans and normal shirt. So used to seeing lingerie. It made it feel like a date. So we’re standing waiting for coffee and Lola leans over and tells me her cock is hard. Guess what, so was mine.

Once we get upstairs we have coffee, talk and of course wind up in her bedroom. Lola strips, I strip and we just start caressing and kissing. One thing I have to mention before I forget, if any of you are in doubt at all about the SIZE of Lola’s cock, we were both kneeling on the bed and I was jerking our cocks off together (my favorite thing to do EVER) and I look down, and Lola’s cock was HUGE. Sometimes you may get a girl who is tired, or been busy or just may not be into you and her cock gets somewhat hard, but never real gets ROCKHARD. Well my friends, this cock was rockhard, thick and long. God I spent the next 20 minutes working on my deep throat skills. Never made it but I was a trooper.

Shemale CanadaNext, I cover up, Lola lays on her back and I slide inside her. I don’t get to have sex in that position often for some reason with Tgirls, but it is amazing to watch a Goddess, stroke her cock while you jackhammer her. Poor Lola’s bed took another beating and as I am ramming her, she shoots a load all over her rock hard stomach. I pull out, rip the condom off and rub her cum all over my cock. Next she lays on her stomach, spreads her ass apart, I cover up again and I start pounding my that little school girl ass. (a role we seem to end up in often. LOL)

So here I am, in a position where I seem to have bypassed the point where I’ll stay hard forever and likely won’t come. I pull out, and Lola goes on her knees with that perfect ass pointing at me. She starts to talk dirty as she pulls her ass apart, playing with her asshole, as her cock hangs artistically. Damn guys, I really should have taken a photo. She has one of the most amazing asses and incredible tight asshole I have ever stared at.

After about a minute of this, Lola tells me to cum all over her ass, and of course I comply. I was extra careful not to actually hit the hole, as that would be very disrespectful (in my mind) but my cum flies all over her ass and lower back. Lola must have thought it was a trophy, as she turns to see her ass glowing with my cum in the mirror.

Only regret: With all my sucking and fucking, I forgot to get a blowjob. Damnit. LOL. If you’ve ever felt those lips, you know what I mean.

We both clean up, talk some more and I had to fly. Or else I may never have left.

Thanks Lola, for making it a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and if I can get out more, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.
I hope your Christmas and New year are as great as mine.
By a beautiful man

Ottawa boys take notice…Lola is coming to town but I got myself a sneak preview on a quick trip to T.O. this past week.

I had seen the new pictures and had exchanged some posts with Lola and had developed a healthy desire to see this gorgeous lady…but I had my reservations. My reservation was in relation to the size of her cock or more particularly my ability to handle/survive it. Reservations be damned I made the call which (and Lola you will recall…was kind of funny) and I was set for an afternoon delight.

Sexy Shemale CanadaLocation is easy. Location is clean and home to Lola. She answers the door and I am blown away (figuratively, not literally…yet). She is gorgeous and dressed to impress with just enough wardrobe malfunctions to allow me to see some boobie and some she-cock.

We sit down and have a visit. An old fashion get to know each other and she even reads me a new poem she has just written that morning. Upon hearing this poem I am convinced that Lola is the complete package, body, mind and soul. After this she stands and extends a lovely, soft, hand and invites me to the bedroom.

She asks me to slowly take my clothes off and she comes into the room ready to play. My hands cannot resist her firm, playful ass and my lips are torn between kissing hers and sucking on nicely sized and firm breasts. She mounts the bed and I compliment her on a feature I have loved since Demi Moore in Indescent Proposal, a great back. With her on all fours I get to reach around for luscious boobs, and a steadily growing cock.

All the while Lola is telling me that she is going to fuck me in a little while…in a little while….needless to say I am starting to recall my reservation with each growing inch.

I ask her to lie back and I go to town to devour what I can. I like to think that I do a pretty good job with the shaft but this unit put my skills to the test. After a while it was agreed that she would now fuck me….here it comes!!!

She bends me over the side of the bed and lubes me up and slides herself inside me…I can honestly say I let out a little gasp but soon she was grinding me and I was just loving it and THEN she tells me to flip over so she can look at me while she is fucking me…who am I to say no!! So I assume the position only to have Lola NOT jam her weapon in me as expected…no, she starts licking my balls and stroking my shaft….holy crap…I am already about to explode by the time I came in the door and now I am essentially about to release a fireworks sized load of jiz….luckily she stopped and then started fucking me again… the way, all this time you cannot wipe the smile off my face.

Finally I cannot contain myself any longer and I am doing my impression of a geyser….but only one of us is done…Lola tells me she wants to cum on my face so she stands over me, orders me to lick her balls and jacks herself until she blows a load on my face (which I love).

We tidy up, chat a bunch, each have a shower and agree….we are doing this again as soon as she gets to Ottawa…and that is the point of this recommendation boys, don’t forget to prebook because you will not want to have missed this incredible opportunity.

Lola Swift TorontoIt was time to visit a local TS legend, Lola. I was able to amke an afternoon appointment, and when I entered the door to her apartment, I quickly found out I was in afor a memorable experience.

After the donation was delivered, she offered me a drink and we had a nice chat about each other. Soon, she was grabbing my crotch and moved to the bedroom. We began with some nice kissing (including tongue), and after disrobing, I got first sight of her cut monster. She was not kidding about her 9 inches. Mutual cbj then followed, before it was time to assume the position. I got on my knees while she fed my ass her firm tool. Multiple positions followed, while I was in heaven knowing that this gorgeous lady was working me over.

Soon it was my turn. Now this is not normally my interest, but as she waved her very shapely ass at me, I knew I needed to return the favour. Again, we started in doggy until I finished in missionary style.

With a mutual cleaning up, I said goodbye to this wonderful vision with a nice kiss and a promise to return

lola 3It took awhile to get there but when I did she greeted me at the door in very nice outfit. we started with some kissing and then we started to rub our cocks together.

I think She was surprised at how big I was, I look really young I guess she wasn’t expecting mine to be quite a bit bigger than hers. she then asked me to go down on her, something that I heve done once before . then she went down on me she tried to deep throat me but she couldnt get all the way down but it was still really good.

She must have really liked my dick because she asked if she could take a picture of it and of course I let her. then she asked if she could fuck me, I was nervous this would have been only the second time and last time it hurt, but she said she would be gentle.

I moved to edge of the bed on my back she lubed up and slid in. it hurt at first then I started to get used to it. she was stroking me while she was fucking me she has really nice hands and then I told her I was going to cum.

She said don’t cum yet because she wanted me to top her but I said dont worry I always can get hard again quick. She start to suck me while she was fucking me then she say she wants to ride me so she pulls out of me sucks me a little bit and then gets on top of me cowgirl. after a few mins she says she going to cum she gets off me and cums on my chest then down my chest and to my cock. she came alot.

Then I say I want her doggy so we move to doggy at first I couldnt get in but then Lola lays down and says this is her school girl position. I get in and start slow and she says harder so I start to pound her. after a few mins she says she wants me to cum in the small of her back and pulled out and did just that. after we talked about thing and she suggested I go into modeling/acting and she gave me some advice on some good schools that I could attend, that is after I finish my current degree program. all in all it was a very good time and you were right Lola my ass doesn’t hurt today you did it right just like you said. thank you for such a nice time.

— Janet Mason

Shemale TorontoIt was very convenient from then on to text until I got there. So far already great service.

When I arrived to no surprised she looked just like her pics. She looked fantastic!

I’m not a story teller so I’ll get right down to basics. Her cock is for real. Big , thick, yummy. and she will let you give in any position, From other reviews people make it sound like she is gonna rape you .. but she prefers to get fucked. She prefers to be a lady not the shemale. She prefers to be called a girl.

She was great. She was aggressive but not too aggressive. I was nervous of course and for me she made me feel comfortable enough.

Very nice person, she could become addicting because she puts on a good girlfriend act that makes you feel connected a little.

Definate worth a try. She’s a top notch Tgirl

— Berserkerboy

It took awhile to get there but when I did she greeted me at the door in very nice outfit. we started with some kissing and then we started to rub our cocks together . she then asked me to go down on her, something that I have done once before then she went down on me she Shemale Lola Swift Torontotried to deep throat me it was still really good. she must have really liked . then she asked if she could fuck me, I was nervous this would have been only the second time and last time it hurt, but she said she would be gentle. I moved to edge of the bed on my back she lubed up and slid in. it hurt at first then I started to get used to it. she was stroking me while she was fucking me she has really nice hands and then I told her I was going to cum. she said dont cum yet because she wanted me to top her but I said dont worry I always can get hard again quick. She start to suck me while she was fucking me then she say she wants to ride me so she pulls out of me sucks me a little bit and then gets on top of me cowgirl. after a few mins she says she going to cum she gets off me and cums on my chest then down my chest and to my cock. she came alot. then I say I want her doggy so we move to doggy at first I couldnt get in but then lola lays down and says this is her school girl position. I get in and start slow and she says harder so I start to pound her. after a few mins she says she wants me to cum in the small of her back and pulled out and did just that. after we talked about thing and she sugessted I go into modeling/acting and she gave me some advice on some good schools that I could attend, that is after I finish my current degree program. all in all it was a very good time and you were right lola my ass doesn’t hurt today you did it right just like you said. thank you for such a nice time

Lola Swift Shemale OntarioTo date we have seen 4 and have posted very general reviews of the previous 3 and this is the forth. We are happy to report that each of the 5 visiting shemales have provided incredible experiences, exceeding our expectations in a major way. One of the reasons we believe responsible for this is because they really enjoyed themselves and were into it which every one of us clients can appreciate.

our previous experiences have been with some of the legends of this industry so our expectations are perhaps quite high. We were are again happy to announce that we continue being with with someone that meets and exceeds what we hoped to experience thanks to our latest adventure which was with Lola who is from Toronto and is currently visiting. We were struck by her sensual beauty and sweet charm. We prefer not to give details but we can say that there is something very erotic about seeing a hot , well endowed shemale playing intensely with an equally hot female. Of course its even better when joining in. For those that might have been skeptical, we can confirm that Lola’s equipment matches what is advertised. Its a gorgeous super size package. Now we would like to think we inspired her enthusiasm but regardless she was totally into it and was the hardest 9 inches we have ever seen shemale or male.

We can sincerely recommend Lola to anyone (especially couples) who want to have a great tg experience.

— leastp

WOW!! J’ai rarement été impressionné par quelqu’un comme ça !! J’ai contacté Lola à Montreal au 514 566 8566. Dès mon arrivée, Lola a su me mettre à l’aise et confortable. Très féminine et douce, elle m’a séduit avec ses regards profonds, ses lèvres pulpeuse (et talenteuses). Elle m’a longuement sucé pour ensuite bien s’occuper de mon baton à 4 pattes. J’étais aux anges lorsqu’elle a ajouté un petit côté dominant quand elle m’a pris profondement avec son engin de 9″. Elle valait la peine de chaque sous des 300$ … même largement. De la classe, de la beauté, personnalité agréable et une performance sexuelle exceptionnelle. J’ai adoré !! J’espère qu’elle reviendra bientôt à Montréal. Je vais certainement contacter Lola lors de mon passage à Toronto.

Lola Swift ShemaleThe lovely Lola was on my TDL and she was in MTL so you do the math hehe. I had only been with 1 t-girl before twice (1 review) and that was Isabelle from Vancouver. I love Asians and Isabelle was awesome both times. She isn’t as big has Lola and that had me very concerned and nervous but I still wanted to give it a go.

Arrangements were made. Get to location and greeted by very beautiful slim Lola in bra and panties. After a lil small talk it did not take long before we started kissing and lots of it to! Cloths came off right after and I got a closer look at her candy and god damn my jaw dropped to the floor and it wasn’t even at full strength LOL.

She told me to play with it a bit and stroke it I did, then she sucked my cock for a lil while. My turn to suck on her cock. I was stressing big time as it got bigger and bigger lol and I kept on asking myself how the fuck is that gona fit hehe. Then Lola asked me what I wanted to do and I said ur gona top me!

We started doggy with me on edge of the bed. That didn’t last to long as I couldn’t take her size at first. I was breathing heavily wowiwowi lol Took a couple of mins break then same position but with a lil help from my hands to spread my cheeks lol and in she goes again and this time it was for a while. She did a good mix of gentleness and speed. Damn she pounds good LOL and made me feel very much at ease.

The we got to rest a bit on the bed and talk. Then she asks me to hop on haha and I was like hmmm why not! So with me on top we go again, take turns as I was going up n down at my rhythm then stood still and let her bang me like there was no tomorrow!

Let me tell you that was one helluva workout! Lola is a Greek godess. Down to earth kinda girl, good conversation, makes you feel comfortable, in other words IMPECCABLE SERVICE!

Lola has been on our radar since that first mind blowing encounter. We (my wife and I) finally got our ducks lined up and I booked a small suite in downtown toronto for Friday night. We had Lola booked for three hours of play. I picked her up at 8 (a class act like her deserves to be treated like a lady) and drove the few minutes to our hotel. After we get into the hotel room my memory of the evening morphs into a collage of passionate embraces, intimate conversations, orgasmic moments, and voyeuristic thrills, to name a few.

The visions that remain imprinted in my mind defy accurate description…

Big Cock ShemaleLola pirouetting in the living room, naked, lean, beautiful, her hard cock defiantly challenging any preconceptions of beauty. We burn with lust for her. I think my wife was first to get her in her mouth. I was a little intimidated to be honest, but when my turn came I went to town… getting her deep in my throat, tears forming in my eyes. Looking up, I see that vision of beauty, hard cock in my mouth, beautiful breasts, captivating face smiling down at me. My wife is encouraging me, (she loves to suck cock and I have learned much from observing her technique), to swallow Lola deeper and I do… I get her all the way down my throat. WOW. At one point my wife starts pushing my head into Lola’s cock, making sure I experience what she experiences when I fuck her mouth. I relinquish control and let the girls have their way with me. This repeats several times throughout the evening.

We spent a lot of time camped out on Lola’s cock in various serpentine positions, lots of lovely deep french kissing, and Lola (did I say she was stunning?) just kept hard all the way. She came twice from our oral ministrations and still that cock refused to rest.

At one point I slipped on a condom and had Lola on her back on the couch, ass over the edge, and slipped my cock into her tight booty. Oh, I had been waiting for this. Lola looks up to me and whispers “you don’t have to be gentle”… God… I bang away with wild abandon, but something tells me I could have gone harder. At one point my wife slips her fingers inside Lola’s ass beside my cock… four of them!

I recall at one point, Lola fisting my wife as I go down on her… my wife squirting (a few times) and catching Lola by surprise… she jumps back, I jump back, my wife keeps squirting, then laughing at our reaction but still cumming… too funny. sorry lola, she gets wet doesn’t she? at least you won’t be so shocked next time.

dipping lola’s cockhead in a glass of champagne and taking turns licking it off… ok, ok, it was mostly me!

my wife is on her back on the edge of the bed and I am inside her, stroking away, Lola sneaks up behind me:

I’m not ready.

don’t worry, I’m just going to stimulate you, I promise

ok, be gentle

I feel her cock, like a steel rod, toying with my ass and then slowly the dull but pleasant pain of her penetrating me.

hey, you lied.

she laughs as she strokes harder into me.

later. still in the bedroom, lola has me on my back and is not so gently filling me with her cock while she slides a dildo in and out of my wife. we are both groaning as this wonderful creature gives us untold pleasures. she fucked me hard for what seemed like a long time until she came for the third time of the evening. she defies description, at times demure, others wanton, always graceful and feminine, and phenomenal stamina.

this girl is a true professional and a wonderful person to know. I could go on and on… but really, all forum members know that Lola is in the stratosphere when it comes to providing this kind of service. we will be return customers, thats for sure, perhaps a date in February to help chase the winter blues.

Thank you Lola, that was great,

— For Couples by bigbunnny

Well after much thought and reading and re-reading reviews I made up my mind…Go see Lola I Pm’ed her several days earlier and followed up with an email the night before, telling sort of what I was interested in, etc. The main thing was I had not seen anyone in quite some time and was nervous to say the least, knowing Lola size. She assured me she would take her time, prepare me and be gentle. Of course my drive into the city was met with traffic issues so I called to say I may be late, no problem I was told and to drive carefully. What a sweetheart!

— AA

I call Lola upon entering her building, tells me the apt # and off I go. My heart was beating like a school boy in this middle-aged body. Opening her door was this tall strikingly attractive young lady, nice make up and a slinky white dress. We embraced and she kissed me softly and sensually. I was in for a treat. Lola offered a drink and we made some small talk before going into her room to get better aquainted. She wasted no time in removing most of my clothes as she peeled off her dress. What a toned sexy body she has, nice sized perfectly shaped breasts, flat tummy and an ass you just want to eat. She told me to get on the bed and it was then I noticed her large and getting larger still cock . She teased me a little and told me to hold it, to kiss it and to put it in my mouth. All to which I eagerly did. By now Lola is fully erect and hard, she asks what would I like to do. I said I want her to top me, she smiled and sort of laughed that she was going to anyway.

Shemale TorontoWasting no time she had lay tummy down on her bed facing a large mirror.I found her in shemele escort Canada. Slipping on a cover and lubing herself and me she lays on me rubbing her cock in the cheeks of my ass. Pushing my legs apart she pushes the fat head of her cock against my ass forcing herself inside me. I gasp out loud at the sheer size of her…it hurt somewhat but nothing like I expected. Holding there for a very short while she pulls out and asks me if I’m ready to get fucked. I don’t remember what I said or groaned but she took it as a yes. With one big push she was inside again and pushing in and out all the while laying onto of me telling how good I feel and do I like her cock in me. The tempo increased and I moaned/groaned with each thrust. Time for a position change…me on my back at the edge of the bed, legs up as she slides back in me, now slamming me as she slowly strokes my hard cock. Then she tells me she is going to cum. I want her to cum on my abs and chest which she happily obliges.

Lola starts sucking my cock then we take turns as I tried my best but couldn’t handle her size. Back she goes on me telling me to grab and pull her, while she moans out. Then totally unexpectedly she quickly moves up to my face and shoots all over me….a first for me. Holy shit she just came twice in a few minutes, WOW! Now it is my turn getting behind her doggie style I easily slip right in as Lola urges me on to fuck her harder but I don’t want to cum like this. So after a short session I want her to fuck me again and let me cum while she is inside me. So her standing before me stroking her cock which by the is still freaking hard, how can that be? Now she quickly goes at me and pulls me closer and deeper in my ass, telling me to fuck her cock. Then she somewhat cries out she is going to cum and cum in my ass which she does. The look of pleasure and lust is too much and soon after she strokes me quickly as I literally explode in one of the biggest orgasms I have ever had. She softly starts to lick and suck me as I shudder and pant on the bed. Cleaning up, Lola comes and lies beside me as we kiss, talk about her life and mine like lovers would do.

Then I guess our time was done although I had no idea, she smiles and tells to have a shower and she’ll wait for me. I dress and only then to I offer her the donation which she accepted but never checked the amount, classy lady. A kiss goodbye and a smile and that was me gone. What a session and why did I wait so long??!!

— Caliente Alan

Discussed an appointment with Lola but had said I was going out and might not be able to make it, she said call me closer to the time when you’ll know. I called her late and she picked up and even though I was out all night said come on over. Stopped back to the hotel, cleaned up and made my way over to see her. Called her from the cab to say I was almost there. She buzzed me in and I went up, trembling in anticipation. She opened the door and I was floored by the beautiful vision standing in front of me. She invited me in to a roomy and clean apartment. We sat down and chatted for a while and I learned about her and started to relax. I was overwhelmed by how beautiful she was. We took care of the donation and moved to the bedroom. Highly Recommended

— mc99


It was a great session with blow jobs both ways; she fucked me then I fucked her, then she fucked me again as I blew my load. Very friendly and accomodating. I want to go back just to look at her walking around with an erection- HOT! Fully recommend!!


My encounter with Lola

There’s lots of reviews of Lola, but I just have to add another.

I saw her pictures on the web, and thought she was really pretty. And she is – the pictures are genuine, as I learned when I arrived at her apartment. We chatted for a bit, and then she had me undressed in no time. We started kissing, and she undressed as we did so. She stroked my cock as we stood. Then she put my hand on her cock.

I gasped when I held it. It’s easily nine inches.

I didn’t go to Lola for her cock. But there I was, and she had me really hot really fast. I didn’t tell her I’m a sub, but she read me very well. In no time I was sitting on the bed with my back against the head board. Lola straddled my chest, and told me to suck her cock. I did as I was told. She held my head while she fucked my mouth, and in less then two minutes, she came with almost no warning. Most went in my mouth, but a lot of her cum landed on my face. She collected her cum with her fingers and fed it to me.

I thought she was going to finish me off with a handjob. Not Lola. She moved me down the bed and around so that my legs were off the bed. As I watched, she slipped a rubber on. She hadn’t gone soft, despite the fact she’d cum. I didn’t know that was possible. She started to go in me, and I had to beg her – I mean really fucking beg her – to stop. She was just too huge and it really hurt. But she told me that she could tell that I wanted to be fucked, and she was going to fuck me. And she was right.

Lola lay down on the bed, and told me to squat over her, explaining that this would be easier for me this way, because I could control the pace. I lowered myself over her cock, and gradually worked the head inside myself. It still hurt, but it was just barely manageable. After a long time, I finally had Lola worked into me all the way. She let me sit there for a while, getting used to her.

Then she moved me onto my back again, into the same position where we’d started. She stood by the bed, her hard cock in me, and now she started to fuck me for real, with quick, deep strokes. I couldn’t believe the way I moaned like a bitch in heat.

She kept me on edge for quite a while, jacking me off to the edge of orgasm, then letting go, until finally she relented when I pleaded with her to let me cum. She fucked me as fast as she could as I came, and it was the strongest orgasm of my life. My balls ached when I was done.

Lola lola lola – you are just incredible.


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