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So today I learned first hand that Lola’s the real deal!

Posted by Lola Swift

So I noticed earlier this week that Lola was in Burlington. Obviously very well reviewed in here, it struck me that she might be the kind of “unique and special” I was looking for. In this case, a shapely, sexy girl with a cock bigger than mine who’d fuck me silly. I called her around 11:00 hoping she’d be available at noon either today or tomorrow, and though I got her voicemail, she immediately texted me and we made arrangements to meet today.lola_7

I was very impressed meeting her in person. She looks just like her pictures, but more importantly she was very warm, easy to speak to and down to earth. She was very friendly and complimentary for our entire encounter; just an absolute sweetheart.

I told her it was just my second time, and she promised to be gentle. We kissed, caressed. She got hard pretty quickly. Well, we both did. I sucked her cock, first from behind, then in her lap, with her sitting on the bed. Yes, her cock really is 9″ long…more than I could swallow. Then it was time. She had me stand up and got behind me, with me facing the bed, and she lubed my asshole. Then slowly, very carefully, she eased the head of her cock into my ass. She was very careful, inching it in very softly past my sphincter. It felt wonderful as she gently eased it into me. I started pushing my ass back onto her cock, feeling her fill me up.

That was apparently her “go” signal, because as soon as I did that, she started to really fuck me.

And she’s LONG.

She grabbed my shoulders and buried her cock deep into me. I couldn’t help but bend over the bed. And she kept going, pounding deep into my ass. I laid face down on the bed, and she followed, pinning me to the mattress and driller me even harder that I’d imagined. She was going so deep, even too deep…I was scooching across the bed a bit with each thrust, but she kept at me, pulling my hair, shoulders and even beard to control me. I was completely at her mercy, but she showed me none. I’ve never felt a combination of pleasure and pain like that, while she did exactly what she wanted to do with me. The best part was that I could feel her cock hit my prostate with each thrust, forcing cum to leak out of my own cock onto the bedspread. I actually made quite a wet spot (apologies to the guys who came later in the day who got fucked by her on that same bedspread). She screwed me right across the bed, until she pulled out, flipped me over, whipped off the condom and stuck her cock in my face. I stroked and sucked it for a few seconds, the she stroked it a bit and came on my face and in my mouth. Damn. she even tasted good. But that wasn’t all.

She brought me to the edge of the bed, on my back. While still hard (how did she DO that?!) and from a standing position on the floor, put another condom on and entered me again. This time it was all about getting me off. She didn’t thrust it in all the way to the limit, maybe 7-8″ worth, still deep, but all pleasure, and again she was putting pressure on my prostate with each stroke. She spit on my cock and started to stroke it with her hand. God, The whole thing seems like some crazy haze, but I don’t think I lasted 30 seconds. She really knows how to get a guy off, which makes sense I guess since she has guy’s equipment, and knows what works. But even though this part of our session was all about making me cum, she was still totally in control. She did ask where I wanted to cum, and i told her I wanted to come with her deep inside me. And cum I did, and she kept stroking and fucking me, extending my orgasm, driving me crazy…I literally had a toe curling orgasm!

So uh, yeah, just another day at the office for Lola, based on other reviews I’ve read here.

So thank you to everyone who’s contributed, because now I’ve had the chance to live out 2 amazing TS fantasies.

And of course, thank you Lola.


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