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Posted by Lola Swift

Several days before I left home for Toronto I had arranged the meeting time with Lola and she had requested a nice gift with everything included. I verified with her as soon as I was in my hotel and found her expecting my call, just as had been arranged.

She arrived not long after, and was very sexily dressed. I had seen Lola several months before, so I was anxious to see the new enhancments she has recently acquired. She is now much more feminine in appearance than before and the new breasts are beautifully done and perfectly suited to her body. Probably they’re among the best shaped I have yet seen.

We chatted a bit when she asked if she could get comfortable. Well what could I say, of course she could! So naturally, before too long we were then both comfortably naked. As she disrobed, I was able to admire her whole body as she was showing her delicious butt to advantage while she removed her lacy pantyhose and then removed her top to let loose her new breasts. What a fine looking girl! Totally edible! As we retired to the bed I mentioned that I had recently hurt my back and that triggered a very good massage, intended to relieve that soreness. I then began to work on her very beautiful, slightly downward curved cock, to get her prepared to relieve her own built up tension. I had very little to do to get her ready. She was soon super hard and ready to slip that beauty into my butt, which she pounded very thoroughly. After getting near climax she then dropped her large, sweet load, smack, dab, squarely just where I had requested. A great time that I really enjoyed, so I got everything I had wanted and was very happy with Lola’s presence, attitude and service. I’d highly recommend Lola to others for full value. Each time I have seen her, she has truly tried to provide exactly what I wished for.


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